Shift Leaders and CKP Contact Information

If you would like to lead shifts next year, CHECK OUT THE LEADER DESCRIPTIONS Leadership Team Descriptions and send your application to Campus Kitchens Leadership Team Application at

President & Membership Coordinator


Hi!! I am Emily Vayda, and am currently a Biochemistry major and Nutrition minor in my fourth year. My life goals include working as a doctor abroad and traveling the world. Living in Vermont has been the best part of college for me because I can get outdoors and enjoy the beauty. Some of my hobbies include yoga, trying new foods, hiking and exploring new places. As a member of the Leadership Team, I fill the role of President and Membership Coordinator and often lead Sunday shifts at the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf, which is a super awesome place. I love meeting the community members and serving a delicious meal!

Vice President & Partnership Coordinator


Hi there! My name is Hira Haq and I am a fourth year majoring in Biochemistry with a minor in Nutrition and Food Sciences. I am the VP and Partnership Coordinator so I stay in contact with all our partner sites and manage any donations. I hope to go to medical school after I graduate and become a doctor who empowers others to actively take charge of their health, primarily through diet and nutrition. My hobbies include cooking, reading, running, and playing tennis. You can find me at the Sunday shifts where I love talking to the people we serve. As an Essex, Vermont native, it’s gratifying to be able to give back to the community I grew up in. Feel free to contact me at


Carmen Sandiego

My name is Mariam Haq and I’m a junior majoring in Biochemistry with a minor in Food Systems. It will be my second year as the treasurer of Campus Kitchens, and I keep the budget in check. I live in Essex, VT and have lived in Vermont my whole life! I’m pre-med and plan to go to medical school after graduation. I love cooking, reading, and listening to music (anything except scream-o). You will probably see me around during Thursday or Sunday shifts at the food shelf. Feel free to email me at

Garden Coordinator

Vanessa Calu

I’m Vanessa Calu, and I am the Garden Coordinator for this year. My job is to bring in fresh produce and supplies to our kitchens year-round, and to work with the Intervale Food Hub and other nearby farms to coordinate delivery.

Fundraiser & Social Media Coordinator


Hi! My name is Hannah Jackman. I’m a sophomore at UVM and I’m a Nursing major with a Nutrition minor. My love for cooking and community service has fueled my passion to lead Campus Kitchen’s fundraising team. I will organize our annual Battle of the Campus Chefs and smaller fundraisers throughout the year. I also manage our web, Facebook, and Twitter pages. I am born and raised in Vermont, and eating local and sustainably is important to me. I love to garden, read, make yummy food, hike, and explore Burlington. If you have any questions about Campus Kitchens or how to get involved, send me an email at:

Nutrition Coordinator  & Secretary

Mia Finkle

My name is Mia Finkle, and I’m the secretary and nutrition coordinator for the 2015-16 school year. I use my knowledge and connections as a nutrition major to organize our nutrition practicum, and to review our meal plans for better nutritional content. If you sign up for our shifts online, you’ll also speak with me as I schedule our volunteers for cooking and prep shifts.

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